Completed Kits: SD ZZ-Gundam with Mega Rider


Completed SD ZZ-Gundam with Mega Rider
My third SD kit, the SD ZZ-Gundam with Mega Rider (actually fourth) has finally been put to the completed projects list after I had took some decent review photos. The painting of this kit was quite a challenge, especially in separating the colors of the armor parts and changing them to the correct colors.

As I have noticed after assembling the kit, the size seems to be smaller than that of the SD GP04 which made me wonder why as the 1/144 scale is of a correct proportion. The equipment that comes with the kit though is quite amusing because the mega bazooka actually has a spring inside & a switch mechanism that lets it shoot the plastic rockets. You can have the option to play with it and shoot your other SD kits lol.

Here are some review photos I took earlier today:

To conclude, the kit is okay overall because of the gimmicks included and the mega rider which you can work on the detail if given the proper paints and airbrush. The color separation is just the major concern and downside.

Until next post.

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