One Gunpla Wishlist Down


Master Grade Tallgeese III
There is again recent online fuzz about the never ending standoff between bootleg kits and that of Bandai. This started when a Bandai executive posted in Facebook that Gunpla = Bandai and that the other third party kits are not of worthy to be called Gunpla.

After that raised discussions and debates in various Gundam FB groups about which side is correct. I think one of the reasons why this topic has been raised again is because of this recent kit from Dragon Momoko. The kit was the Master Grade Tallgeese III which people say is a breakout kit for the third-party producers as because Bandai has not yet officially released this one.

Checking some explanations and post of a few Gunpla bloggers, I’d say that bootleg is still bootleg however people describe it and they would not exist if not for Bandai. Buying these type of kits is not really a sin but prioritizing Bandai kit at times as a support to the company is a good way. What is important here is we enjoy the hobby of building these kits, no matter what the brand is.

Anyhow going back, the kit Master Grade Tallgeese III costed me around 850php without adding to the shipping cost as it was included in the package haul in Divisoria by JayR’s brother. Here is a box cover photo of the kit.

Master Grade Tallgeese III

The effort of the design is clearly revealed here, a plus that got me excited on building this kit. There is no definite plan of the build yet, so most likely it will be another straightforward and standard build.

Until the next post.

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