Unboxing the Hardygun MS RGM III


So I finally get to hold of this kit which I ordered from HLJ months ago via Dexter’s shipment transaction. The kit was the Hardygun MS RGM III and this was one of the kits listed in one of their regular on sale items, though at that time it was low on stock. When the order was placed, the kit is now unavailable so it had to be reserved and added once the new stocks arrived. Fortunately it has, and the kit arrived a month ago which I did not paid for immediately due to lack of funds.

Anyhow, everything is now settled so let us go to the unboxing pics. See it on the gallery below.

This will be added to the ‘For commission’ list of a colleague who is skilled enough to paint this old school type of kit. I just have to wait two months for him to completely recover from CTS.

Until the next post.

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