A Few Terms about Environmental Planning


Our class for the Fundamentals of Urban Planning started last Saturday with the introductions of each of the classmates and a discussion of the course outline by Dr. Ibabao. We were then assigned to read some reference documents that covers Chapter 1 of the outline and one of which is the Republic Act No. 10587 otherwise known as the Environmental Planning Act of 2013.

I have started reading on the details of this act and so here are a few terms defined in the document:

Environmental planning, also known as urban and regional planning, city planning, town and country planning, and/or human settlements planning, refers to the multi-disciplinary art and science of analyzing, specifying, clarifying, harmonizing, managing and regulating the use and development of land and water resources, in relation to their environs, for the development of sustainable communities and ecosystems.

Environmental planner refers to a person who is registered and licensed to practice environmental planning and who holds a valid Certificate of Registration and a valid Professional Identification Card from the Board of Environmental Planning and the Professional Regulation Commission.

Accredited Professional Organization (APO) refers to the duly integrated and accredited professional organization of environmental planners, of which there shall be only one as prescribed by Republic Act No. 8981, the Comprehensive Professional Code, and in Section 32 of this Act.

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