Finally Enrolled in DURP


So I have finally finished my requirements for the enrollment in the University of the Philippines Visayas Graduate School for the course Diploma of Urban and Regional Planning. This will be the first time that I will be back in schooling after my graduation way back twelve years ago at University of San Agustin. Taking this course is basically what is needed for my current work as Project Development Officer I in the Iloilo City Planning and Development Office and this should be a good start to help me learn and understand my actual job roles.

The DURP course covers a total of four semesters with two subjects per semester. The class schedule is every Saturday with one subject in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first two subjects that we will be taking are P201 which is on the Fundamentals and Practice of Planning and P210 is on the Planning Process. Our classroom will be at the College of Management building located at the back part of the UPV Iloilo City campus. The actual class might begin this coming Saturday and that means that I will be giving up my Saturday Magic tournaments. I bid goodbye to Standard Pauper and Saturday Showdown.

Hopefully I could get to enjoy learning the concepts and practices of Urban and Regional Planning and implement them in my work and also contribute to the society.

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