First Blog post from my Phone


So recently I’ve decided to finally upgrade my mobile phone to decent and useable version. That is after three years of using a Huawei Ascend which basic uses were social media interactions and as a music gadget.

The new one was a ZenFone 2 5.5 which runs a 4GB RAM with 32 GB of data storage. This was recommended by my friend JayR who has been using it for at least a year now. I bought it last Tuesday at SM City Cyberzone, priced at around 9k. Pretty decent for all of its features. Now, exploring through the possible apps and games that I can enjoy, it has been quite satisfying. I can say that for a first timer, the power of this phone is quite unreal. 


As for the blog title, I have just installed the WordPress app so I could update my blog when I am on a trip which I will quite enjoy since I could post recent activities as it happens. I will just follow up later on with a decent header photo and all those tags, links and stuff. 

For now, let us wrap this up with my first ever mobile blog post. Yay! 

Categories : HQ and Office Affairs