I am Attending the ICURP


There is an upcoming event this March for the urban planners in the country and it is at an international level. The University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning is holding an International Conference in Urban and Regional Planning with the theme “Planning towards Sustainability and Resilience” on March 14-15, 2018 at the Century Park Hotel Manila. The theme seeks to unite various research and planning initiatives that foster significant, incremental change towards sustainable growth. They have lined up the following sub-themes to be discussed in detail by educators, researchers and experts:

• Sustainable development
• Sustainable Transport
• Sustainable Infrastructure
• Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
• Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
• Policies and Institutions

I have already registered with their Early Bird promo rate at an amount of 4,500 together with Maam Janis. Their regular rate is at 6,000 per participant.

I am convinced that joining this event will expand my knowledge further on the mentioned topics but also help me with my subjects on my DURP course. This is also a point for my work as a Project Development Officer for the Iloilo City Planning and Development Office. I am hoping that the invite will be processed with the office as soon as possible so that my other officemates can also register and participate in this conference.

For those interested, you can contact their secretariat for the registration at:

Email: regcom.icurp2018@gmail.com
Website: http://conference.surp.upd.edu.ph/index.html

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