Remove Sidebar from Individual Events Pages


This is a quick fix on the common issue I’ve found after encountering one this afternoon while doing edits on my client’s website. Its a common issue because I’ve Googled a lot of similar posts on the WordPress support forums under The Events Calendar topic.

It is a quite small issue on the Individual Events Pages of the plugin wherein the sidebar appears below the posted Event. I’ve checked on the plugin settings and did not found any option to disable or enable the sidebar.

I’ve also checked the Widgets page to double check since the iTheme Layout I created did not allow sidebars to be created. It also confirmed its not there. So my resort is to find solutions on the forums.

Here is the topic that gave me the best resolve: How to Remove Sidebar Widgets from Individual Events Pages

User amiithist commented a fix which to copy the file to a new folder and delete a line of code in the ecp-single-template.php of the Events Calendar plugin. I tried the fix but it didn’t work well on my template as there are two that I use, one main theme and a child theme. The fix I done is to directly delete the code in the file on the plugin folder itself. Here are the simple steps to do the fix:

1. Connect to the ftp File Manager of your site (either thru cPanel or by using Filezilla).

2. Check the file named “ecp-single-template.php” in the Views folder under the Events Calendar plugin folder.

3. Download the file and open it with Dreamweaver or related HTML software.

4. Delete line 29 (states about the get sidebar php code).

5. Save the file and upload it again to the Views folder of the EC plugin.

That’s it. The sidebar is now gone. As for the issue of having it on the right side, I think the fix here is to assign a width for the Individual Events’ content.

I hope this post helps clarify the sidebar issue and I’m also hoping the guys behind the Events Calendar plugin come up with an updated fix on the plugin’s future versions.

Thanks for reading and until next post!

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