Socio Ecological Profile Preparations Pt. 1


For this year’s preparation for the Iloilo City Socio Ecological Profile, the division is now required to do a descriptive analysis using a range of data from the previous years. While it is not specified as to from what year to start, we are tasked to check if there is a rise or decline in these range. An officemate said that she had been oriented with the proper guidelines and procedure and she is willing to share and train the rest of the personnel. I would love to learn and master it so that we could start processing each of the returning data that we requested from the various offices and departments.

Just last week, I was tasked to do a data digging of the number of vehicles that are currently registered in the city, a specific tally of registered Public Utility Jeepneys as well as the total length of the motorable roads from the previously published SEPs. The range was from the year 2011 up to 2015. The other data that was searched for was the number of commercial buildings within the city and the number of cases of respiratory diseases. I do not know how it is related, but good thing I was able to found and tally each of the data for every year and compared it via a side by side column. The noticeable change was the consistent increase of PUJs but also the huge surge of the number of motorcycles in the city. I guess that is the result of Motorcycle retailers’ motor promo that is low priced and easy to process.

We will see how this trend will take effect for the year 2016 but with the obvious development within the city recently, I think the direction will just be upwards.

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