A Quick Life Update


I had been very busy last weekend due to the new schedule and various friend gathering and office Christmas party yesterday. So here is a few updates. There has not been any new spoiled cards from the upcoming Oath of the Gatewatch. The mothership will start the official previews this January and I am hoping for some cool cards for the Eldrazi ramp and Devoid decks to utilize. I’d prefer the latter because I am an aggro player by heart and I am wishing for a card that can held off or somewhat overpower the Abzan menace.

Moving on, there is a new WordPress theme that I am getting familiar with and that I am hoping to use for future websites of my client. Responsive type of themes has been the trend today in most of the business websites and the need for it to be mobile compatible is necessary as most of the users today browse the site through smartphones and tab devices.

So far I am enjoying this last month of the year and this coming weekend will be the start of Christmas vacation and meeting up with the relatives for a mini reunion. Also this Saturday will be the Year-ender tournament for Magic: the Gathering Iloilo to be held in Martinelles Pit Stop in Molo. I am trying to fix my schedule for the week so I could playtest with the Team M14 the deck I will use for the event. We have three ready to play decks at the moment and playtest supposedly should start today.

So that is a wrap for now. Until the next post and have a happy holiday geists!

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