AMK Standard Showdown this Saturday


This seems to be already the norm for every new set of Magic: the Gathering released. Weeks after Amonkhet was released, Wizards will be holding a premier event called Standard Showdown wherein they have given the local stores special booster pack prizes. These packs give you a chance to open a Rare in the current set, another one in one of the previously released set that is Standard legal and a foil card, which ranges from an ordinary card to Invocations and Masterpieces. Do take note that only the Top 3 or 4 placers will be receiving these as well as regular Amonkhet booster packs depending on the player attendance.

Here below is the detail of the event this coming Saturday at Rei’s Place:

Standard Showdown Challenge
May 13, 2017
Format: Standard, Swiss Rounds
Reg. P90.00
Prizes: 3-1-1 for the Top 4 finishers

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