Amonkhet Gameday at Reis Place


It is another serious mode tournament weekend for the Magic: the Gathering Iloilo Community as it will be the Amonkhet Gameday event. There are two scheduled this time and so far I have the information and detail from Rei’s Place. Rei has informed me that it will still be 300php registration and the booster prize structure will be based on the number of participants. Here below is the detail of the tournament:

Amonkhet Gameday at Rei’s Place
Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: 1:30pm
Standard Constructed format, decklist required
Reg. P300
-Participants will receive an exclusive Trueheart Duelist promo card.
-Swiss rounds then cut to the Top 8
-Top 8 finishers will receive an exclusive Glorybringer Promo foil card.
-Amonkhet Game Day Playmat for the Champion
-Booster Prize structure will depend on the number of players.

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