Battle for Zendikar Previews at PAX Prime


The first and huge wave of spoilers for the upcoming Battle for Zendikar set in October is being done right now as of this posting and boy, we are sure to be hyped up by what this big set has to offer. Aside from the return of Full Art Basic Lands in a new batch of artwork, I could not explain by detail all of the cards revealed so far but I am pretty sure we will be enjoying Battle for Zendikar when it is released in the market. Make sure you have already placed your pre-orders on the booster boxes and fat packs.

The first planeswalker of the set that was revealed was Gideon and here is his recent version:

Also, here is the new version of Ulamog:

You can check the rest of the cards here in the Battle for Zendikar Card spoilers album.

Lastly, here is the trailer video of the Battle for Zendikar:

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