B/R Eldrazi in Shadows Innistrad Standard


reality-smasher-BR eldrazi
Versions of an Eldrazi aggro deck has been appearing in Magic Online Daily tournaments and it is obvious that the deck archetype will be one of the cornerstones of Standard after the arrivals of Shadows over Innistrad. One version that I have been looking on for a possibility is Black Red Eldrazi. The initial components would be the following:

4 Forerunner of Slaughter
4 Eldrazi Mimic
4 Dust Stalker
4 Reality Smasher
4 Flayer Drone
3 Bearer of Silence
2 Eldrazi Obligator

4 Transgress the Mind
2 Spatial Contortion
1 Ruinous Path

Looking at the current spoilers list of Shadows over Innistrad, we still have limited options on what new cards we will add in the deck. I am speculating the return of Black Red Vampires so we might want to look for a few components there. Here are the current options:

Heir of Falkenrath
Elusive Tormentor
Mindwrack Demon

The Heir of Falkenrath is a solid two drop in itself though discarding a card can become our drawback in certain scenarios because as an aggro deck, we needed more cards as possible. The tormentor is hard to kill and a 4/4 body for four is already good. What we do not need here though is to pile up the four-drops as it can result to clunky draws.

For removals, we have the one casting cost Sinister Concoction and Fiery Temper but we do not have a discard engine yet.

As for the mana fixing and colorless mana source, we have a few land cards from Oath like Crumbling Vestige and Corrupted Crossroads.

I won’t post the full decklist just yet as we wait for more card previews from Shadows over Innistrad but maybe by next week we will have version one of the deck.

That is a wrap for now. Until the next post.

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