Budget Deck Building Guide Page


I have recently found a sub-Reddit page that tackles MtG budget deck archetypes for Standard and Modern and even for the Commander format. I have recalled that I was publishing before a budget segment for Standard but had to discontinue those as the single card prices continue to rise. That said, this page will definitely be a big help to those who are new to the game and would want to build a deck that is within their ‘wallet capacity’.

As I have known, MTG Goldfish had been the go-to website as they have a segment for the budget builds, including the individual card prices and versions of the builds. This subreddit page though, can provide other websites for reference. One instance is this budget Vehicles deck tech which will cost you at only 20 dollars. Check out the video below.

Another budget deck suggestions can be found here on this thread. They suggest that Blue Red Prowess burn is the go-to build and it has the potential given that a similar deck archetype has made it to the top 8 of Pro Tour Kaladesh.

The complete thread, entitled Super_Budget_MTG can be found here. Just check each of the individual posts for the details and decklists provided by the users.

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