Commander FNM Tourney Summary


Last Friday’s FNM held at Critical Hit: Comics and Games was of the 1v1 Duel Commander format and was attended by 10 players. I was on the other side or specifically at Rei’s place that time for the Standard FNM and so I just asked my teammates there for the results afterwards. I was supposed to play Zurgo again but then I just referred it to my friend Jason to pilot. The team’s new creation was the Gitrog Monster Commander which main strategy is the recursion of lands from the graveyard. It was a pretty midrange approach but can be really resilient late game as well as can held off aggro in the early turns.

Here are the Top 4 players after the 4 rounds of gameplay:

1st, Ace (The Gitrog Monster)
2nd, Jason (Zurgo Bellstriker)
3rd, Carl (Karlov of the Ghost Council)
4th, Raoul (Geist of St. Traft)

10 players, 4 rounds gameplay

The top players received Aether Revolt booster packs and FNM Promo foil cards for prizes.

With the continuous growth on the number of players in the Commander Iloilo community, we are hoping to have this format on the weekly tournament basis and a steady amount of participants as well. We are grateful that Critical Hit supported this even though most of their Magic products are for the Standard format. This in turn let us help increase the store’s level as to Wizard’s local gamestore account.

That is about it for this tourney summary. Until the next post, which is probably about Amonkhet card previews.

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