EMN Standard: Madness and Vampires


It is the first week of Eldritch Moon card previews and for tonight, (in PH time) we have a preview from the mothership website is a Vampire which I think will fit in today’s title for this blog post. The card is named Bloodhall Priest. Here it is below:

It looks like a regular 4-drop 4/4 creature and does not even have evasion like Flying and the trigger works only on Hellbent or no cards in your hand. While I am not really a fan of having no hands in Magic matches, I think her ability will work well with certain cards in the format.

My initial build for this is obviously, Black-Red Vampires that abuses the Madness ability. My reference was my Standard Pauper matchup last Sunday wherein I faced a Black-Red Madness deck. It looked consistent with gas cards like Tormenting Voice as well as other spot removals like Fiery Temper.

My aim now is to build a Standard version of the deck. The initial list will include cards like these:

Asylum Visitor
Call the Bloodline
Heir of Falkenrath
Macabre Waltz
Murderous Compulsion
Pale Rider of Trostad

Fiery Temper
Incorrigible Youths
Bloodmad Vampire
Falkenrath Gorger

I will come up with a version one of the deck once the Eldritch Moon spoiler is complete. That is a wrap for now. Until the next blog post.

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