FRF Standard Deck Tech: Mono Black Discard


For another round of the possible deck archetypes in Fate Reforged Standard, here is a creation that I found from the MTG Salvation forums that was built upon the M15 card: Waste Not. The added card from Fate Reforged was Dark Deal which looked to be the best discard combo for the enchantment.

Their version was Blue Black to have access to Ashiok and counterspells, along with Delve cards like Treasure Cruise. Though that version looks solid, I think going to just Mono Black will turn out fine. Here is my initial decklist:

Mono Black Discard by Mark Ian Alloso

3 Tasigur, the Golden Fang

3 Bile Blight
1 Despise
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1 Empty the Pits
4 Waste Not
3 Sign in Blood
2 Rakshasa’s Secret
4 Dark Deal
4 Crux of Fate
3 Hero’s Downfall
3 Murderous Cut
4 Thoughtseize

4 Dismal Backwater
1 Island
12 Swamp
3 Polluted Delta
4 Temple of Deceit

I have decided to include the UB lands as for access to activate Tasigur’s ability. He is a pseudo Tarmogoyf because of Delve and he’s reliable in the late game, returning relevant removals or discard spells to fuel Waste Not.

Your win conditions if the Waste Not plan fails are via Tasigur beatdown, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and casting a large Empty the Pits end-of-turn.

Let me know what you think of this decklist. Just comment them on the box below. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

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