Golgari Energy Sideboard Plan


The appearance of Golgari Energy aggro in the Semifinals of Pro Tour Amonkhet proved the deck’s right metagame call despite the popularity of Mardu Vehicles in the Standard metagame. The deck was built to be aggressive enough to outrace Marvel decks before they generate enough energy to power out Ulamog. Their issue however, as I have observed, is that they are easily overpowered by Mono Black Zombies hence, the loss of Ken Yukihiro to the eventual winner of the Pro Tour, Gerry Thompson.

Looking at the current sideboard, it do not seem to have enough gears to handle the Zombie matchup with only six removals maindeck and an additional Grasp of Darkness in the sideboard. Blossoming Defense can be an option to ward off opposing Fatal Push but with the match turn-out of 1-3, it was insufficient.

Here is the deck’s complete sideboard:

4 Blossoming Defense
2 Dispossess
1 Grasp of Darkness
1 Heart of Kiran
1 Lay Bare the Heart
3 Manglehorn
1 Nissa, Vital Force
2 Tireless Tracker

Here is what I think the board in and outs for certain matchups, specifically the current Top 3 Standard decks:

Versus Mardu Vehicles
+3 Manglehorn, +1 Grasp of Darkness, +2 Blossoming Defense
-2 Rishkar, -2 Walking Ballista, -2 Bone Picker

Versus Temur Marvel
+2 Dispossess, +1 Lay Bare the Heart, +2 Manglehorn, +1 Nissa, Vital Force, +2 Tireless Tracker
-2 Rishkar, -4 Walking Ballista, -2 Grasp of Darkness

Versus Zombies
+4 Blossoming Defense, +1 Grasp of Darkness,
-3 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, -2 Walking Ballista

You can check the complete decklist here:

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