Hour of Devastation Gameday Weekend


It is a competitive week again in Standard for the MTG Iloilo Community as the players are preparing for the Hour of Devastation Gameday this coming weekend. It will be two events again for Saturday and Sunday, and the information for Saturday’s Gameday is already published in the MTG Iloilo Facebook page. For a short recap, the venue will be at Pro Rei’s place and the entry fee is 300php with boosters, promo cards and a Champion playmat as prizes.

Here below are the detailed info:

Hour of Devastation Gameday at ProRei’s Place
August 5, 2017 @ 1:30pm
Format: Standard Constructed
Enrty Fee: 300php
*Decklists required

Participants gets a full-art Abrade promo card, Top 8 finishers gets a foil full-art Adorned Pouncer promo card.
Champion gets a Gameday Playmat.

Booster pack prize structure depending on the number of participants.

See you at the tournament.

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