Hour of Devastation MWS Update


Here is a Magic set update patch for Magic Workstation on the Hour of Devastation. Fyi, Magic Workstation is a free software that is being used for playing MtG on the Internet and on the Magic-League. I have been using this mainly on building my deck brews and testing them with friends through LAN or random matchups on their MWS servers.

Here is how to add Hour of Devastation set to your Magic Workstation (MWS):

1. With the master DB opened and selected in the top portion of Library Mode (Classic), go to Tools -> Analyze/Add/Remove Sets.

2. Add New Edition, Edition Name “Hour of Devastation”, edition key “HOU”, path to spoiler = browse to the text spoiler OP posted, click Next.

3. Don’t forget to SAVE the top DB or Database to save the changes.

You can download the necessary files here. Enjoy playing HOU cards in your Magic Workstation.

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