M14 Standard Deck Updates (1-9-17)


Taking into account the Standard metagame which has become stagnant again two months after Kaladesh was released, the team was able to complete most of the Top tier deck archetypes. That was just before the City Champs last December. It was just disappointing though that not all of the decks were utilized as some of our members were not able to join due to conflicting events and family gathering. Anyhow, here is the current deck lineup for the upcoming Standard update with the release of Aether Revolt:

1. Blue White Flash
2. Black Green Delirium
3. Temur Aetherworks
4. Mardu Vehicles
5. Red Green Energy
6. Black Red Aggro
7. Bant Dynavolt
8. Blue Red Zombies
9. Blue White Panharmonicon
10. Mono Red Aggro

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