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Reading through the MagicTCG subreddit thread has provided me a few Magic news and related topics which I can use for reference for my blog posts. I am trying this time to be more theoretical and explanation of the process than just simply providing my readers with a bland kind of news. One topic that I recently found was that the poster was inquiring on the possible topics of the MTG documentary that he will be making. The usual ones were focused on the competitive side of Magic and so he would want it to be more on the casual side or of the less serious side.

Here is one list of suggestions that garnered most of the reddit votes:
1. How shop owners deal with keeping Magic alive in their shop
2. How Hareruya in Tokyo became one of (or even THE) biggest store in the world
3. Interview with a team/manager from one of the big brands and their Pro Players
4. Maybe some interviews with “historical” figures of the Magic world?

The first one can be related to our local game store Rei’s place wherein we started really small and an alternate play area of our weekly tournaments back then. I think that was the year 2009 when we transferred from our previous shop owned by nang Alma because we did not liked how she handles the tournament prizes and stuff.

Hareruya is already a respected team in the Pro Tour community and the origin store which was founded by the Japanese Pros and is currently managed by Tomoharu Saito. If ever I will be travelling to Japan in the future, I will definitely add a day to visit and play in their store.

As for the interview with the Team Manager or leader in that sense as Teams of Six pro players has been recently formed, a one-on-one interview would be highly recommended for a more impromptu and realistic answers.

Historical figures in our local MtG community can pertain to old school players and sharing the highlights of their time, probably during the 90s in the early years of Magic. They can talk about how the tournaments were executed, on how wacky the decks that time when net-decking was not yet a thing, and the prices of the cards. I think I can make this pseudo-questionnaire interview as sort of a player profile at the same time and share it with the MtG Iloilo Community Facebook page.

Lastly, the documentary as suggested by another user should casually introduce as to why the new players should fall in love with this game. Maybe discuss on the benefits socially and at the same time on the intellectual aspect of playing this hobby.

I am still hoping that we can start a short documentary for the community ourselves, with a help from Muzzy’s gadgets for the video and his skills on editing. We covered a local prerelease a long time ago but was not able to produce a coverage video result out of the taken clips.

For additional and updated discussions, you can check it on the sub-reddit thread here.

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