MtG Iloilo City Champs 2016 Draft 1


So it is the return of the comeback, as titled in a Filipino film in my teens. We are bringing back Magic: the Gathering Iloilo City Champs this coming December 2016. One of my major reason was the big increase in the player population and I think of this as a sort of a gift for them to enjoy as we end the year.

The possible dates which I think will be finalized before we end this month is December 17-18, 2016. In the previous years, we do it one week before Christmas week so as the players can join before taking the vacation. As for the venue, we are thinking of putting it at Robinsons Place Jaro and we are yet to talk with their events manager.

Day 1 would probably be the main event which is Standard Constructed while Day 2 would be for 1v1 Commander, Kaladesh Booster Draft, and Standard Pauper. I will try to run these events simultaneously if given enough tables. Lastly, we will be having an awards ceremony and give plaques to the winners.

Final tournament detail will be posted soon so stay tuned.

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