MTG Iloilo Sunday Commander Results & Pics


Commander Tournament MTG Iloilo
Here are the recent tourney events regarding the Commander format at our local Magic: the Gathering Iloilo community. I have been trying to make it possible that the format will be part of the weekly tournament schedule, and so far the player attendance has been good, even at a minimum. Last Sunday gathered seven players and here is the tourney results after 3 rounds of gameplay:

Sunday Duel Commander @ IBAM
Top 3:
1st, Jason (Griselbrand)
2nd, Allen (Narset, Enlightened Master)
3rd, Christian (Olivia Voldaren)

7 players, 3 rounds gameplay

The event was held at IBAM in Marymart Mall, the newest venue for our local events. The place can currently accommodate eight players at max and I am working with the owner on how to further expand if ever more people will be playing.

Here are the pics I took yesterday during the Duel Commander tournament:

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