MTG Iloilo Tournaments (Sept. 29-30)


Ixalan hits the stores this Friday, including our local gamestore at ProRei’s place. That also means the set is Standard-legal to play and the start of the refreshed format ensues. We still don’t enough new Ixalan for our Standard decks so that means we stick with Kaladesh-based builds (i.e. Temur Energy) for the meantime. Anyhow, here are the scheduled tournaments this weekend at ProRei’s Place.

***MTG Iloilo Tournament Schedule this Week***

Friday Night Magic
September 29, 2017
Standard Constructed
Reg. 100php
Ixalan Booster pack prizes & FNM Promo foil cards to the Top finishers.
Starts 6pm at ProRei’s Place

September 30, 2017
Saturday Standard
Reg. 90php
Ixalan Booster pack prizes
Starts 3pm at ProRei’s Place

On-demand Ixalan Booster Draft
Format: Draft
Reg. 500php (includes 3 Ixalan Booster packs)
Starts right after 8 players are registered. Participants please bring sleeves and basic lands.
ProRei’s Place


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