MtG Iloilo Tournaments this Week


This weekend will be a hectic three days of tournament starting with tonight’s Friday Night Magic. The highlight event will be the first leg of the Amateur League tournaments for the beginners and new bloods of the game. Here are the details of the Magic: the Gathering Iloilo Tournaments for this week:

MtG Iloilo Tournaments this Week

September 11, 2015
Friday Night Magic
Standard Constructed format, 80php entry fee.
Top 4 gets an exclusive FNM Promo foil card (Orator of Ojutai) and Magic Origins booster packs
Tourney starts 6:00pm, Rei’s Place

September 12, 2015
Battle for Zendikar PR Pass
Standard Constructed format, 150php entry fee.
Champion gets a free PR pass to the BFZ Prerelease Iloilo this coming September 26th
Tourney starts 1:00pm, Rei’s Place

September 13, 2015
MtG Iloilo Amateur League 1st leg
Scarce Standard, Free Registration
Tourney starts 1:00pm, Hi-Gear Iloilo


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