MtG Iloilo Tourney Schedule June 2nd Week


Once again, the community will be accommodating new players by holding a Standard Pauper tournament this weekend. These players will have the benefit of free registration and with a good finish, can earn prizes such as MtG booster packs or Rare cards. I have yet to decide though on which venue to held the tournament.

The full and detailed Magic: the Gathering Iloilo tournament schedule below:

June 10, 2016
Friday Night Magic
Standard Constructed format, 80php entry fee.
Top 4 gets an exclusive FNM Promo foil card and Shadows over
Innistrad booster packs
Tourney starts 6:00pm, Rei’s Place

June 11, 2016
Saturday Standard, 80php entry fee.
Shadows over Innistrad booster pack prizes
Tourney starts 3:00pm, Rei’s Place

Duel Commander, 100php entry fee
MtG Funko Pop figure for 1st prize
Tourney Starts 2:00pm, IBAM at Marymart Mall

June 12, 2016
Sunday Standard Pauper
50php Registration
First Time tournament-goers gets Free Entry
Venue & Prizes To be announced

Sunday Standard Tournament
100 Reg. fee, SOI Booster pack prizes
1:00pm at Critical Hit, Atria

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