MtG Iloilo’s First Theros Block Tournament


Last Saturday held the first ever Theros Block Tournament here in MtG Iloilo community. It was initially my suggestion to have this format as because Theros block is now completed with Journey into Nyx and secondly, Standard is again becoming stagnant with the same old metagame. Good thing the players’ response was a positive one and thirteen participants showed up to battle. That means a four-round tournament with top four player cutoff for the prizes.

The deck I played was Naya Midrange referenced from the Top 8 decks at Grand Prix Manchester. Here is a recap of my matchups:

Round 1 vs Red Green Elspeth won 2-1
Round 2 vs Gruul Midrange won 2-0
Round 3 vs Mono Black Aggro lost 0-2
Round 4 vs Junk Midrange won 2-0

I finished third place and won a BNG booster pack. My goal to get to the top 2 for the Hall of Triumph promo foil prize was cut short but still I am happy with the results. The deck is a contender and will definitely have a slot in the top decks in Standard after the rotation. Here are the top 4 players of the tournament:

MtG Iloilo Tournament Results
Theros Block Event (June 7, 2014)
Top 4:
1st, Godo (Mono Black Aggro)
2nd, Mik (Mono Blue Devo)
3rd, Mark Ian (Naya Midrange)
4th, Ric (Gruul Midrange)

13 players, 4 rounds gameplay

Here are the pics taken from the event.

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