Notable Cards in Gatecrash Pt. 1


Its just one month to go and Ravnica’s expansion set Gatecrashed will be released. This set covers the remaining guilds Dimir, Orzhov, Simic, Boros and Gruul. So far the cards previewed showed potential for constructed gameplay. Here are my current favorites.

Obzedat, Ghost Council – The father of the Ghost dads (err dadception?) with a very evasive ability, Obzedat, Ghost Council got some potential in Esper midrange decks or even in pure Orzhov decks. Selesnya Charm is its current only answer card.

Zameck Guildmage – the Simic can now officially become a aggro-tempo deck coupled with Undying critters and this guildmage. You can also splash a little of Selesnyan token producers and add its first ability. (The card image in the link is its Gameday promo version).

Skullcrack – Mono Red is now back in action in Standard with this card. This instant can deny Thragtusk & Sphinx’s revelation life gain. A very good sideboard card for Zombies and RDW.

Murder Investigation – Since I am still a fan of token decks, this has a good potential of a sideboard card for the that archetype. The usual target would be Thragtusk & now all we need is a good sacrificial outlet.

I’ll cut off at this point as I wait for more card spoilers in the coming weeks.

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