Quick Decklist: Eldrazi Blue


Quick Decklist: Eldrazi Blue
I have been building Standard Pauper decks for the new players to use for playtests and future tournaments. I sold them for about 50pesos each 60-card deck, which is a little revenue for me whenever I go on a booster buying spree.

One of the recent decks I made was the Eldrazi Mono Blue deck. It has utilized most of its components from the set Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch. Below is the decklist:

2 Skyline Cascade
2 Holdout Settlement
2 Unknown Shores
4 Crumbling Vestige
2 Warped Landscape
12 Island

2 Stitched Mangler
4 Cultivator Drone
2 Blinding Drone
4 Kozilek’s Channeler
1 Coralhelm Guide
3 Eldrazi Devastator
2 Eldrazi Skyspawner
1 Gravity Negator
1 Incubator Drone
2 Kozilek’s Pathfinder
1 Mist Intruder
1 Monastery Loremaster
1 Oracle of Dust
1 Ruin Processor

2 Spell Shrivel
1 Sweep Away
1 Tightening Coils
2 Sleep Paralysis
2 Explosive Apparatus
2 Disperse

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