Standard Deck Tech: Four and More


Angelic Accord deck tech
First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay of this article which was supposedly out last week. The decklist is already made, but I didn’t have the urge to write and to discuss the cards. Work and preparation for last weekend’s Team Standard may have been the factors. Anyhow, I am still happy to present to you my recent deck tech for Standard utilizing this three-card combination:

Angelic Accord Cauldron combo

Here is the decklist:

8 Forest
2 Gavony Township
4 Sunpetal Grove
6 Plains
4 Temple Garden

4 Voracious Wurm
4 Strangleroot Geist
1 Elvish Mystic
4 Thragtusk
4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim
4 Fiendslayer Paladin

4 Bubbling Cauldron
3 Unflinching Courage
4 Angelic Accord
4 Trading Post

This list is the result of the various alterations and card changes based from suggestions made by my fellow players in Mtg Iloilo community. The first list did not include Trading Post as the deck focused on the more aggressive route but because it can also provide life to activate Angelic Accord and benefit Voracious Wurm, it was later on added.

Let us discuss the card choices:

Voracious Wurm – the’Tarmogoyf’ of the deck, which profits the various lifegain sources from the post, Unflinching Courage, the cauldron and the paladin. At the least it is a 4/4 by turn four or even a 6/6 or and 8/8 in the late game with the combo out.

Strangleroot Geist – the hasty two drop which you can later on throw to the cauldron (with double activation at max) to trigger Angel Accord.

Fiendslayer Paladin – the three drop that is currently immune to the format’s popular removals. He might be not triggering the accord but all you need is another copy to do that. Also, it pseudo pumps the wurm to a 4/4 if needed to gain board position.

Avacyn’s Pilgrim – mana acceleration and fixing is important and Green is the best provider for that. I am also giving tribute to this guy as Innistrad will be rotating out in a month or so.

Thragtusk – Green has still the best five drop in the format with Thragtusk even though this Beast has been on a decline lately. Stops aggro, punishes control, gains you life to trigger accord, what else?

Bubbling Cauldron, Trading Post, & Angelic Accord – the card combo pieces which I added a playset of each to maximize the chances of drawing them. These three can provide you a long game stream of 4/4 Angels if your early assault was stopped.

Unflinching Courage – an added life gain source which can also boost up your paladin or the Strangleroot Geist to give you a fast clock. I am expecting some subpar draws wherein you have the accord but no life gain to trigger. This card can somewhat fix that issue.

The deck may look like between the competitive and funky aspect. The main deck can be as aggressive as these popular Selesnya decks, but the late game combo feature will be hard for other aggro decks to race. Of course you can add removals in the sideboard for specific matchups. Celestial Flare, Oblivion Ring and Renounce the Guilds are my top choices.

That is about it for this deck tech. Your comments and card suggestions are very much welcome, so please provide them on the comment box below.

See you on the next post.

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