Standard Pauper Deck Creations


So we have scheduled a tournament on this coming Wednesday to accommodate the new players who would want to experience their first competitive event. The format is Standard Pauper and today I started to build some decks to be borrowed by these new peeps.

First up is the White Black Tokens deck in which I copied the list from PDC Magic and did a few changes with cards from Dragons of Tarkir. A preview of the deck is on the banner above.

Next is a Green White Convoke deck which I based from an Intro Pack in Magic 2015. With the extra cards from the boosters I have purchased before, it was just easy to complete the deck.

The third deck done is the Red White version of Heroics, and I have added Rebound cards from DTK for an improved efficiency of Heroic triggers. Here is the reference list.

Lastly, I have built a Mono Red aggro deck for a teammate. The changes were simple, like switching Swiftspear to Valley Dasher; Stoke the Flames to Collateral Damage and adding back the heroic Akroan Crusader.

I am hoping for at least ten players for tomorrow’s tournament so it will be a four-round event, with the Carbo brothers bringing their new recruits. This will be their first stepping stone to become the future players of the community. Let us just hope it will happen.

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