Standard Pauper Deck Feature: R/Eye Vampires


Standard Pauper Deck Feature: Red Eye Vampires
So I have recently checked some Standard Pauper decklist at for some reference on my future builds as well to see some new deck brews from the MTGO players and I came up this deck archetype played by Adner. The deck is Mono Red agro updated with a few Madness spells and discard enablers from Shadows over Innistrad. He finished first place with a finesse record of 4-1.

Here below is the decklist:

Here below is the decklist:

4 Borderland Marauder
4 Mage-Ring Bully
3 Ember-Eye Wolf
3 Insolent Neonate
3 Sanguinary Mage
2 Bloodmad Vampire
2 Goblin Freerunner

4 Fiery Temper
4 Infectious Bloodlust
3 Senseless Rage
3 Tormenting Voice
3 Touch of the Void
2 Titan’s Strength
15 Mountain
4 Looming Spires
1 Evolving Wilds

4 Boiling Earth
4 Boulder Salvo
2 Pyre Hound
2 Dual Shot
1 Consuming Sinkhole
1 Magmatic Chasm
1 Mad Prophet

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