Standard Pauper Tourney Recap (April 8th)


The surge of the peeps that have showed interest in the trading card game has made me decide to return the Standard Pauper tournament series. It was a good thing for them to experience the tournament scene at the entry level.

After creating the MTG Iloilo Pauper Facebook group with my friend Arthur, I then surveyed them if when would be the best time that they will be available for a Standard Pauper tournament. The majority voted of Saturday morning and so I immediately set the schedule to be this week’s Saturday, April 8th. I gave them the details of a free tournament entry for first time participants and will be having card pack freebies as well as foil promo cards for each of them. My colleague Franco also donated a few Rare cards and promo foils.

Saturday morning arrived and I was running late as I needed to drop by LBC first for the package that i will be sending to a buyer in Manila. After that, I instantly went to Rei’s place and saw the new players there as well as some of the tournament regulars that we Pauper players before.

Eight players signed in for the tournament and after three rounds of gameplay, here are the top 3 finishers:

1st, Zea (Blue Red Tempo)
2nd, Jared (Red White Aggro)
3rd, Andrew (Blue Red Artifacts)

Here are some of the scenes during the course of the MTG Standard Pauper tournament:

Overall it was a successful event and the players really enjoyed the experience. We have planned to have another one this coming Black Saturday (as it is Holy Week already) and hopefully we can gather more players and more interesting builds in the format.

That is a wrap. Until next post.

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