Taking the Initiative: The Intro


I’ve previewed in a blog post before the potential use of the Boros enchantment Legion’s Initiative in Standard. It seemed the card underperformed to expectations and was somewhat left behind in the uses in the format. Given that position, I still think the card has potential to shine.

Here is a decklist that I think it will get the most of its uses.

Naya Initiative by Mark Ian Alloso

3 Clifftop Retreat
1 Kessig Wolf Run
2 Cavern of Souls
3 Rootbound Crag
3 Sunpetal Grove
4 Temple Garden
4 Stomping Ground
4 Sacred Foundry

2 Huntmaster of the Fells
2 Thragtusk
2 Aurelia, the Warleader
4 Boros Reckoner
3 Voice of Resurgence
3 Thundermaw Hellkite
1 Wolfir Silverheart
4 Restoration Angel
4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim
3 Loxodon Smiter

2 Farseek
3 Legion’s Initiative
3 Mizzium Mortars

The deck is a 95% reference from the current Naya Midrange which also was the deck that I piloted before Dragon’s Maze was released. The new inclusion aside from the enchantment is the Voice of Resurgence.

I’ll explain in detail on a separate post of the benefits of Legion’s Initiative in the deck, which I think is already obvious at the moment. I just need to go more info on a few combat scenarios.

That’s about it, and you guys watch out for part two. Until next post.

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