Team M14 Standard Deck Updates (5-7-15)


For today’s Standard deck updates of the Team M14 card pool, lists are being updated as based on the recent Grand Prix results in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in Toronto, Canada. The metagame slightly shifted away from Esper Dragons (based on Toronto Top 8 decks) and also I have to adjust on the local meta which is again filled mostly with Red aggro decks.

First of is the update for Abzan Midrange based on Lucas Siow’s winning list. I might just replace the Dromoka Command in the board for additional Drown in Sorrows. Arashin Cleric is my favorite sideboard card here as it stops Mono red’s early assault.

Next is my plan to build Green White Collected Company as I have recently completed the card. The problem though is we don’t have a playset of Deathmist Raptor yet so I might make some slight adjustment on the decklist.

Here are the current Standard decks of the team:

1. Esper Dragons
2. Abzan Midrange
3. Atarka Red
4. Mardu Dragons
5. Mono Red Aggro
6. Abzan Aggro

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