Tourney Report: Sat. Standard Sept. 7, 2013


Tournament Report: Saturday Standard
Another Saturday means another tournament day for us MtG enthusiasts. Two events were scheduled that day, with Standard constructed tournament in the morning and Magic Celebration in the afternoon. For morning’s event, I’ve decided to play Mono Green rendition with a splash of White for main decked Unflinching Courage. Here is the list:

Tournament Report: Saturday StandardMaindeck
2 Arbor Elf
4 Elvish Mystic
4 Kalonian Tusker
4 Predator Ooze
4 Strangleroot Geist
2 Ulvenwald Tracker
4 Witchstalker
4 Wolfir Silverheart

4 Rancor
3 Selesnya Charm
4 Unflinching Courage

13 Forest
4 Sunpetal Grove
4 Temple Garden

2 Blind Obedience
2 Fog
2 Garruk Relentless
3 Ranger’s Guile
3 Ratchet Bomb
2 Scavenging Ooze
1 Triumph of Ferocity

It runs like the usual Mono Green Aggro but you have the option of the powerful card combo of Witchstalker and Unflinching Courage. The Armadillo Cloak is just an effective trump for aggro matchups, aside from your creatures being fatter than them.

The tournament had ten players and so a four rounds of gameplay. Here is a short recap of my matchups.

Round 1 vs Barely Boros Aggro (Benedict)

Both games were dominating on my side as I held the fort with my bigger creatures while I bash with the stalker enhanced with Unflinching Courage. I boarded in Fog and the ooze for Wolfir Silverhearts.

Round 2 vs Bant Hexproof (Sir Herman)

Game one was somewhat a race with me starting aggressive, but he held off with a first striking Invisible Stalker. With a few aura enhancements later, he was able to kill me off with two swings as I didn’t draw my life gaining aura to stem the damage.

In game two, he mulliganed to five with only one mana source when he accidentally attacked into my Knight token with his Avacyn’s Pilgrim. It was just one sided after that.

Game three saw an early paladin on his side as I struggled to setup my board and I didn’t draw by removals. He just killed me a few turns later after enchanting Rancor and Spectral Flight on his dude.

Round 3 vs Zombies (Emerson)

This should be a difficult matchup if his creature would curve on the first three turns. Unfortunately, he got stuck on two lands on the first game but somewhat kept attacking with two Knight of Infamy. I got my Predator Ooze and Witchstalker on offensive and didn’t look back.

He had mediocre draws on Game Two which got me on the advantage again as played elf into stalker into Wolfir Silverheart. It was easy peasy.

Round 4 vs Jund (Mao)

I was crushed in Game 1 as he just killed my critters and went offensive with double Thragtusk. I boarded Ranger’s Guile, two bombs, Garruk Relentless, and ooze and boarded out all the aura spells.

Game two was quite interesting. I got early offense with ooze and stalker while he went with Olivia Voldaren. He setup a play to ping and gain control of my ooze but I had Ranger’s Guile to block it. He went for it again on the next turn but I got the second Ranger’s Guile to trump it. He eventually had to chump block with Olivia to stay alive, and held off with Huntmaster of the Fells the next turn. I top decked a Selesnya Charm to trample for the win. I boarded in again my third charm for game three.

The decider game was no Farseek on his turn two while I went to Strangleroot to Predator Ooze. He pillared the geist but no Tragic Slip for the ooze as it got bigger on the few turns of attack. I added Witchstalker and later on Wolfir Silverheart as I noticed that he was drawing lands. His Huntmasters held the fort but then I draw my Selesnya Charms again, trampling for the win.

The deck’s final record was 3-1 and I am very happy with its turn out. I think it’s an effective version for Green aggro based on the current metagame in Standard. Theros will be out in a few weeks and I am hoping this kind of deck strategy will carry over after the rotation.

Until next post.

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