Dear God..


You’re supposed to be all-loving, merciful, omniscient and all. You know each heartbeat of every human being that you created. You created everything, does that mean you’re also the one who shaped evil? If so, why did you create the aforementioned?

You know everything; our thoughts, the things we will be doing next, the events that will transpire. If so, why did/do you let us do the things that are against your disposition? Why did you give us freewill if we cannot do the things we want to do because it is against your will? Why do you have to come in many forms? Lure different minds to worship you in so many different ways? Why did you let your children die from famine, wars and greediness? If you are the Supreme Being, aren’t you supposed to solve all of the ugly things you yourself created? Why did you let us question in the first place if the evidence of your existence is evident? Is darkness real? No, it is just the aftereffect of the absence of light.

Good cannot exist without evil and the latter cannot exist without aforesaid. If you are real, then most probably, you are malevolent, nasty, insecure and envious. How could you let Africa die in hunger, Asia quiver from earthquakes and volcano eruptions, America bombarded with terrorist attacks, the melting of the icy poles that would eventually result to an upswing of the water levels leading to the submersion of the islets and other smaller archipelagos? Why do you have to send storms, tornadoes, deadly diseases, drought and many more just so people won’t forget your godliness and that we are nothing but just a peck of your universe?

You need worship every second of every day and donations so you can build the most magnificent temples. People pray in hope to change your plan but if you’re truly god, why would you change your plan just to impress the person praying and show him you’re real? Why did you let your people kill a hundred thousand innocent human beings just because they do not believe in you? Is killing morally right? You said “Thou shalt not kill”, it is not making any sense to me. Where were you when the little girl was running from her rapist? Where were you when he committed suicide? Where were you when Paris was attacked by terrorists and shoot whoever they see regardless their faith and religion? Were you with the monks? Or with the priests and pastors chanting your name? Were you with the Christians? The Muslims maybe? Or perhaps you’re with my favorite cartoon character.

Is it true you preserve prejudice? You honor favoritism and you like more those people who go to mass every Sunday notwithstanding their conducts? Is it true there is hell and it awaits me for not believing in you and that Satan will punish me for all eternity? Because if so, then you work hand in hand with the devil. You created corruption, wars, the rapists, murderers, thieves, cheaters, hypocrites, bigots and Satan and I will be punished for not believing in you regardless my conduct.

If you are real and you’re reading this now, I am so sorry. I’m sorry for asking honest questions, for trying to puke everything I’m keeping inside for the past eighteen years of my life. I’m sorry for going astray, for not listening to my family and friends, for not worshiping you. I apologize if you think I am testing you and your mightiness. However, if you’re reading this appeal, please use your magical prowess and save my planet from rotting.
Thank you.

Princess Arvie Batoto
Was once your believer.

*reposted from the Filipino Freethinkers FB group.

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