Miss Universe 2011 Today at Sao Paulo, Brazil


“Might as well go with the hype.” As of this posting, the Miss Universe 2011 is currently being held at Sao Paulo, Brazil. My country’s contingent, Ms. Philippines Shamcey Supsup prepared very well for the event and has been a crowd favorite on the online voting. Currently, she’s on the top 5 and I am hoping very much that she’ll win the title. The rest of the top 5 are Angola, Brazil, China, and Ukraine.

Anyhow, here is a quick video of the contestant’s preparation for the Miss Universe 2011 Bikini portion. It must be real hard to maintain that sexy body figure. 😀

Update The final top 5 are the following:
Miss Universe 2011 – Angola, 1st – Ukraine, 2nd- Brazil, 3rd – Philippines 4th – China.

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