She Told Me Part. I


I can say that this is sort of a recap of a conversation from last Sunday and I would like to apologize beforehand on the plethora of grammatical errors. Here is how the story goes:

She told me that she needed to go somewhere to chill because of the summer heat.

She told me that she visited an unfamiliarly new place, with tea and finger foods.

She told me that it was a nice place to hang out, though see seemed to be lonely. I assumed she wanted some company.

She told me that I might not have some spare time that afternoon, that she is just disturbing me.

She told me that the place is near the main front entrance, somewhat on the left side. I went on the other main entrance. We were slightly confused on the communication.

She told me that she bothered me on my laundry session. I said it is not a problem. I am just happy to be there, to see her.

She told me to order something, I got a large Lychee iced tea.

She told me about work, that it is quite tiring for her already.

She told me that the travel to that town is little by little exhausting her.

She told me that she wanted to leave, but the contract must be ended first.

She told me about the hours from travel from the capital town and also to the patients’ houses.

She told me about the daily chores on checkup and details on the medication of each of patients.

She told me that she is somewhat enjoying it but she just hates the travel part.

To be continued…

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