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My First Order with Zalora PH

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I have been through online shopping and purchase, from buying domains with Paypal and cards for our Magic: the Gathering decks and even on online stores on Facebook. Recently I have been looking at shopping sites like Lazada because of the large variety of items and the convenience Read More→

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Photoshop Preferences File Invalid Fix
So I recently encountered these errors on Photoshop CS6 just this week after working on a few graphics needed for the blog articles of my client’s company website. The errors appeared while Photoshop was loading and it showed the first as Read More→

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Easter with the tradition of eggs, bunny, resurrection and stuff. These are just one of the many things that we Filipinos observe and practice on this special day. For me, I will just enjoy scenery and maybe look for a few Easter discount or sale in malls in the city. Read More→

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A Quick Life Update

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I had been very busy last weekend due to the new schedule and various friend gathering and office Christmas party yesterday. So here is a few updates. There has not been any new spoiled cards from the upcoming Oath of the Gatewatch. Read More→

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Happy Easter 2015

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It is Sunday and people (mostly Christians) from all over the world are celebrating Easter feast or whatever they call it. As a part of my tribute for this occasion, I am posting below a list of a deck archetype that was popularized before in the Modern format. Read More→

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This is a quick fix on the common issue I’ve found after encountering one this afternoon while doing edits on my client’s website. Its a common issue because I’ve Googled a lot of similar posts on the WordPress support forums under The Events Calendar topic. Read More→

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