Easter and What I’ve been doing lately


Easter with the tradition of eggs, bunny, resurrection and stuff. These are just one of the many things that we Filipinos observe and practice on this special day. For me, I will just enjoy scenery and maybe look for a few Easter discount or sale in malls in the city. The commercial aspect is just there, waiting to be take in advantage.

Looking forward for the week, it is going to be quite tough and busy. Busy in a sense that I will be thoroughly learning the latest methods for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to achieve our goal of a Page 1 rank on Google. There are various procedures that I have learned before, but if implemented wrong, it might backfire and hurt our rankings.

I had a refresh on marketing and promotion stuff when we attended the PLDT SME seminar in Sarabia Manor hotel a few weeks ago. The guest speaker described the importance of Social Media in selling your products or services and he even discussed (with a few slide presentation and graphs) the trends of online presence since the start of the popularity of Facebook. After the discussion was a few exercises on how we could determine the flaws of a certain online business or advertisement and also how to improve its online presence. I had learned a lot that time and I am thinking on implementing it on my client’s websites.

As I write this blog post while listening to a Stevie B song, I kept wondering if I will be able to accomplish the tasks on time. Do I need an inspiration? I am not sure. Did someone inspired me lately? Maybe *smiles*. I just think that I got to do what I am assigned to do. The correct steps though, are yet to be finalized. I am thinking to plan it tonight, but then it is my day off so I might as well just enjoy it. I guess I’d stop overthinking stuff, as there is a specific time for that.

My laundry is waiting and there is a room needed cleaning so I will just wrap this up by greeting you guys Happy Easter. Thanks for reading this rant and until the next blog post about Mtg, life or whatever.

*cover photo from CCGHouse Playmat

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