Environmental Planning Exam Preparations


I have not yet enrolled in the second semester of my course on the Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning but I think I should already start on the preparation for the Environmental Planning licensure board exam. Passing this exam is my main objective after graduating from the course, and the challenge in doing this is highly overwhelming.

For a quick recap, the Board of Environmental Planning has a Republic Act No. 10587 which states “An Act Regulating the Practice of Environmental Planning, Repealing for the Purpose Presidential Decree 1308, titled “Law Regulating the Environmental Planning Profession in the Philippines,” and for Other Purposes.” In this regard, the Environmental Planning licensure board exam was established.

The start of the second semester classes will be next week and so I had to wrap up the requirements and budget within this week so I could finish processing the enrolment in one day. Anyhow, as a start of my preparation, I have asked Ma’am Janis Sy, my officemate who took the EnP board exam two years ago if she has some notes, documents and review materials which I can use for reference. The good thing is that she had stored a copy in her laptop. The Environmental Planning notes cover the following:

• Capability Building Seminar on Environmental Planning which was held in Bacolod city last May 16-20, 2016
• Exam Instructions from the PRC
• Laws and related legal references to EnP
• Planning Reference Materials

That is a bunch of documents in just four folders which I think I would not be able to read or even open all of them but it is still good that I have a copy in case a citation is needed.

I might base my review pattern to this blog but I am hoping to organize and start as soon as possible. No more distraction this time please.

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