Happy New Year 2018


As we end the year 2017, each of us reminisces and remember all of the opportunities that we have received for the year, and take the lesson from the bad memories. 2017 can be memorable for some and is surely a learning experience for most of us.

Mine’s significant event would be the chance to be of public service to the people of Iloilo city. Joining the City Planning and Development office has opened a new but unfamiliar environment. It was foreign for me to perform the functions and had difficulty understanding each of the attended seminars, workshops and meetings. It also became a challenge for me to cope up and that was started with self-studying and later on enrolling in an urban planning course. As I learn each planning step, I am hoping to reiterate the knowledge and contribute to the office in the formulation and development of the plans and programs for the city’s progress and the betterment of the Ilonggos.

Cheers to 2018. Happy to serve you.

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