No more Time for R&R


Since I started serving in the government office, it seems to be that I always feel swamped with all the things that I needed to study and learn. With just a background on computers and web development, it was a new level for me. Sure I did a few reads before starting this work but as expected, it was insufficient. It felt like a huge meteor strike of ideas and concepts that impacted at the same time. I am trying to cope up but it should be done one step at a time, and that is the enemy. After office felt very exhausting and I still spend time thinking of solutions while getting familiar with the setup and terms. Those abbreviations are just too hard to memorize.

I just wish that this will be slightly mended once I start my study on urban planning with the diploma course on DURP or Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning. This is the first step required in my job description as PDO I, and it will be followed by a Masteral in Urban Planning. That would mean a lesser time for me to play in MtG tournaments, given that I am already short of time in updating our Standard decks or brewing archetypes.

Now, I am wishing for a long weekend holiday and the next one is on holy week. That would mean though that general cleaning should be done on my room at the HQ. No rest for the wicked as they say. *Sigh* 

Categories : HQ and Office Affairs