Playing Ragnarok Online Again


Ragnarok Online has once graced the Philippine shores with a new company and server. With that is the massive surge of players going back into the game, me included. The last time I played was in 2014 in a private server handled by a Filipino which I forgot the name and it was fun leveling your characters with times five of the regular EXP rate and Drop rate. Anyhow on this current trend, I am starting with the same Hunter build that I did last time with a backup Merchant to handle the finances (with the skill Overcharge obviously).

It is currently on the Open Beta Test with started last week and it was already covered with issues and bugs. I understand that it is still the testing period but you cannot blame people for complaining much. The lag issue is still there on most major maps with the expected high number of online players especially during their 150% boost period at 8pm to 12 midnight.

Currently I am at base level 52 Archer and have reached the 40 job level for a change job but then I am planning to have it at 50 before converting into a Hunter. Given that I don’t have enough equipment yet like an AoA or Tights so I might grind my way while Overcharging my loots. I am currently farming in the Hode area of the Sograt Desert, two maps south of Morroc. Earthworm peeling costs more than 100 zeny each so I can gain a massive amount of loot before running out of Fire Arrows. I am just playing two to three hours every night so it will be a slow progress but I am getting there.

That is a wrap for now. Next part is I might discuss some old builds that I used as well as the equipments for levelling and compare it with their special items once you buy their Top Up loads.

Until next time.

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