Aether Revolt Release Weekend


The continuation set of the Kaladesh storyline, Aether Revolt, will be out for sale and automatically enter the Standard format this Friday. I referred to Friday as part of Magic weekends was based on the Grand Prix schedules which usually start with the Friday GP Trials. Anyhow, we are all excited to use these new card components for our deck whether it is a main or sideboard upgrade.

This Friday also reminds us of the start date of the implementation of the Standard bannings, which bids us goodbye to our Smuggler’s Copter, big momma Emrakul and the ever reliable Reflector Mage. See you guys in Modern.

As for our local happenings, it will be the Dinagyang 2017 weekend and given that tourists and locals will be flocking the city for the Ati-ati tribe competitions and the merry making via parties and booze, I will negatively conclude that we will expect delays in the arrival of the Aether Revolt stocks in our local game stores. It reminds me of Rei’s AER Prerelease last Saturday which was almost cancelled because of the courier’s delay in the delivery. I would not mind that much though in terms of opening new cards as the price of the booster packs increased by 10 pesos and is now around 170php per pack, unless I cannot stop my urge to open one. We had people preordered for the booster boxes and will be waiting for Rei’s update and confirmation if the stocks will be delivered before this Friday’s FNM.

I guess I can still safely say that you guys enjoy your AER release party and other related tournaments and events in your local game stores this weekend. Until the next post.

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