Calculating my Booster Pack Expenses


Since the release of every new set years ago, I have been randomly buying each booster packs available and hoping that I could open the set’s chase rares and mythics. Whenever I dropped by Rei’s place or at Critical Hit, there is always an urge for me to buy the boosters for sale with at least two to three packs bought each visit. Of course, I do open goodies and high-priced cards but if looking at the long term expenses, it seems that I am spending more. The cost of this addiction on booster packs looks to be a great expense on my part, given that I also spend money to buy singles.

Each booster costs around 160php before its recent increase of 10 pesos and that time, my expenses would reach around 2k per week just for those products. The reason maybe is that I am fond of taking chances in those boosters especially when they have announced the chances of opening Expeditions, Invocations and Masterpieces in the packs. Those packs with the crap rares remained in a pile or box and later on were redistributed as welcome decks for beginners. I remember my biggest luck was that I was able to crack open a Masterpiece Mana Crypt which we were able to sell for 7,000 pesos. The money was then used to buy components for our Standard decks.

The recent Magic sets now don’t have those special cards, one reason for me to buy boosters less. Also, I have not joined the recent prerelease event of Rivals of Ixalan and so that spared me my 2,600 for the registration. I am looking on not playing in any major Sealed event and on Nationals this year so that might cement my decision to not spend my budget on Standard anymore. I have my attention on equity investment now so I’d guess placing my money there is a better choice.

Starting this year, I always reminded myself to not buy boosters whenever I am at Rei’s or CH and hoping this ‘self-restriction’ will continue up until I completely loose interest in Standard. Well, sort of.

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