Checking out Urban Baylehan 2017


It was actually the last day of the Urban Baylehan 2017 event that I was able to visit their booths in Atria due to my busy schedule of processing papers and stuff. It was supposed to be the schedule for the Aether Revolt Prerelease by Critical Hit: Comics and Games but sadly only half of the products arrived. I then decided to cancel my entry and visited the shop to get my refund.

It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon when I arrived at around 3pm and immediately proceeded to Critical Hit. A few players were there, playtesting their Commander decks as well as Standard. I also found one table playing the Game of Thrones TCG which I was eager to learn last time.

After a few chit chat with the players, I then proceeded to Atria’s center stage to check the booths and their products. I think the program that time was the Iloilo Magicians group Magic show. It was fun seeing them perform their tricks, appeasing the audience. Among the booths, the only one that impressed me was the tribal-designed t-shirts and mugs from Dnkbanwa. I bought one gray medium shirt at P280, which later on was too fit for me to wear.

I went back to Critical Hit again and found my ex-Eversun friends Pweng and Ting setting up their booth in the local artists section. I was planning before to buy one of Ting’s designed shirts which were created and imported from the US but then price is just too high and was waiting if there would be a 50% off sale of sort. Anyhow, I am still a fan of his designs and decided to just buy his art prints and get them framed and add as a wall design in my room. I bought two: the Darth Vader and Deadpool art. I also bought a Boba Fett pinup for my sling bag. He gave me free Pigboom stickers for my purchase.

I also drop by Nadine’s booth (the younger sister of Asai Solis) to check her designs. She is more of an Otaku and Anime person and only recognized Tokyo Ghoul characters from her works. She said that she did plan to draw a Liliana artwork and that got me excited. I cannot wait to see the finished piece. I bought one Tokyo Ghoul designed pinup and got a freebie Project Iloilo desktop calendar.

Here below are my artwork loots from UB 2017:

(pic to be posted)

There were still activities late that evening but I was not able to stay long as I needed to go to Rino’s place. I think that was the USA Little Theater performing when I again passed by the stage.

Overall, I will still continue to support and promote future events similar to this one as it will not only present our local sceneries and products but the talents, art and skills of an Ilonggo as well. I am hoping this time I will be able to attend all of the scheduled days.

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